Every admin and developer in the Salesforce world uses formulas – they are everywhere. And everyone learns them – sort-of. People tend to pick things up along the way, tweaking an existing formula here, reading the online docs there, borrowing from an online source – everywhere.

As a result, even experienced admins and developers tend to have holes in their knowledge – a less than complete understanding of data types, or of formula limits – or, and don’t get me started – endless confusion when it comes to logical operators (And, or, Not – you now – the ones that cause most formula bugs).

In my latest course, Formula Fundamentals in Salesforce, you’ll go back to the basics with in-depth coverage of Salesforce formulas. You’ll learn about data types, operators and functions – limits and testing. And yes, those dreaded logical operators and how to translate human logic into formula logic, and then validate that you did it correctly and test your work.

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