Winter 15 – API 32

The Winter 15 Update (API 32) has the following impact on the recommendations in the book:

Page 58- Describes

Winter 15 eliminates Describe limits. There is no longer any need to cache Describe information (returned from GetDescribe calls on field and SObject types), or to hardcode data on standard fields and objects. It is still necessary to cache calls to Schema.getGlobalDescribe however.

Page 262 – Describes

2nd text paragraph, delete the last sentence in the paragraph “In a larger application, you would use caching to avoid multiple tests to determine if a particular field exists.”

Chapter 7 – Going Asynchronous

The information in this chapter remains accurate, however, Winter 15 adds a new asynchronous construct “Queued Jobs” that you should be aware of. This construct opens the door to new asynchronous design patterns. I will be experimenting with this construct in months to come. Watch the blog for additional information as it comes more clear what best practices are for its use.