The third edition of Advanced Apex Programming is now available!

And have I got a deal for you!

I’ve often been asked by people, what’s new in this edition and is there any way to get a discount on upgrading? Now there is a lot new in this edition – with numerous changes throughout the book both in content and in recommended best practices. The chapter on asynchronous programming has been almost completely rewritten to address queueable Apex (yes, all of the previous best practices have been rendered obsolete), and there’s a new chapter on maintaining Apex.

But how do you offer upgrades on a book? It’s not like software, where people can register and updates can detect previous versions. Or SAAS applications where the upgrades come with your annual subscription.

Also, in previous years, Salesforce licensed a special printing for distribution at Dreamforce, which was great for Dreamforce attendees, but not so good for everyone else. This year timing and their budget didn’t allow for that.

Still, it’s the Dreamforce time of year, right? Good time to do something special.

So, I decided to do an experiment – and offer “upgrade” pricing to everyone.

For the next 90 days the eBook version will be available on Amazon Kindle through their Select program – at a price of 9.99  (or whatever the Kindle select pricing is where you are). Prime customers will be able to borrow it. Kindle unlimited customers can just download it. After 90 days, it will revert to the normal $34.99 or equivalent price (unless the experiment is so successful that it makes more sense to extend the deal).

Books are a lot more limiting – I don’t have the same flexibility I have with the EBook. But there is one channel where I do have the ability to offer a great discount. So for those of you who want a new printed copy, I can do this – if you go to the book’s store on createspace, you can get a 50% discount by entering this code on checkout CDUK54Z5 – 50% off the regular price of $39.95.  Keep in mind, this code ONLY works on that store, and yes, they can ship internationally. This offer, which is sponsored in part by Full Circle Insights (which you should check out for our great marketing analytic tools), is good for 30 days, after which it too can go away at any time.

So that’s the deal. No free books at Dreamforce, but upgrade pricing for everyone for a limited time. Hopefully this approach will be more fair, and still provide a reasonable return (because I have to tell you – it was a lot of work!)

Purchase the print version with upgrade pricing – Use code CDUK54Z5 on checkout for the discount.

Purchase the Kindle version with upgrade pricing: (US) (Australia) (Brazil) (France) (Germany) (India) (Italy) (Japan) (Mexico) (Netherlands) (Spain) (UK)

(note, it may take a few days for the printed edition of the book to appear on some international Amazon sites – I’ll update the home page as I see them become available)