I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of my first ever online course – Force.com and Apex Fundamentals for Developers on Pluralsight.com.

Think of this course as a prequel to “Advanced Apex Programming”. The book was designed for intermediate and experienced Apex developers, but isn’t a perfect fit for experienced software developers who are moving from other languages to Apex and Force.com. This course fills that gap.

It’s designed for experienced programmers who are beginning or intermediate Force.com developers. It does not teach computer programming – I assume that those viewing the cost know how to program in a modern block structured language, and that they know how to read documentation.

Here’s how I describe the course:

Apex is the native language of the Force.com platform, and there is a huge demand for skilled developers in this space. The Java/C# like Apex language looks familiar enough that experienced developers often expect a short learning curve, but the platform is actually radically different, and requires use of a unique set of set of design patterns. In this course, you’ll learn the core concepts that are essential for every Apex programmer to learn, and a roadmap to further resources to help you quickly become an expert in this rapidly growing space.

This course, like Advanced Apex Programming, is not an overview or comprehensive introduction to the Force.com platform. It is a book on developing software, and the emphasis is on programming, design patterns and best practices.

I invite everyone to check it out – if you’re not already a Pluralsight subscriber, they have free trials available (see right sidebar). You’ll probably find other content there that you’ll like as well – I chose Pluralsight because I know quite a few of their course authors (both personally and by reputation), and they are the best (honestly, I feel honored to be counted in their company).