I’ll be doing a presentation at the Developer Theater at Dreamforce at 10:00am on Thursday

Here’s the official description:

Real programmers use Apex

Salesforce has always been known for its powerful point-and-click customization tools. The “Clicks before Code” mantra expressed the idea that a wide variety of business processes and use cases could be solved using workflows, formulas and other non-programming techniques. But in truth, Force.com is a software development platform – as robust and powerful as frameworks like .NET or J2EE. As such, it’s no longer enough to know some language syntax and specific techniques. You need to think as a software architect, to be able to draw on multiple design patterns based on requirements and limits, and to consider lifecycle costs (and how to mitigate them in Force.com through good design, testing and diagnostics).
In this session you’ll meet Dan Appleman, the author of the new book “Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce.com and Force.com” that builds on the existing Apex and Force.com documentation to help developers reach that next level. You’ll discover how (and why) a past Microsoft MVP and expert .NET developer ended up writing a major AppExchange package, and some of the surprising things he discovered along the way.