Thank you to those who volunteered. The book has been published and the preview period is over.

Are you interested in being a preview reader for “Advanced Apex Programming for and“? I’m looking for a limited number of preview readers. If you are interested, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your full name (first and last name).
  • Are you willing and able to read the book (about 230 pages) and share your comments in the next two weeks?
  • Do you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced Apex developer (I’m looking for both)?
  • Have you ever worked on a managed application that has been published on the AppExchange?

Other than reading the book, all I ask is:

  • Let me know if you notice any technical errors in the book.
  • Let me know of any best-practices that I recommend that you think are incorrect.
  • Let me know of any best-practices or design patterns that you feel should be in this book (or in the next edition of the book).
  • Possibly provide a quote that I can use for the book, or, after publication, post a blog entry or book review on Amazon or other book site.

This is a preview copy that has not undergone a full copy-edit or final page layout, so you can expect those to still be somewhat rough.

In return for your help, you’ll get:

  • be among the first to read the book.
  • A first edition copy of the printed book.
  • Acknowledgement as a tech reviewer and thanks in the book.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.