eBook Edition Available

I’m pleased to announce immediate availability of Kindle and Nook editions of Advanced Apex programming. The Kindle edition should also be available on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.it, Amazon.es and, as I understand it, to visitors from India on the main Amazon.com site.

This is the first technical book I published as an eBook, and I found the conversion process to be … interesting. The challenge related to code listings – how do you render listings in a format that can display in multiple resolutions on everything from a desktop to a smartphone? eBooks do support fixed fonts, but many do not support horizontal scrolling, and arbitrary wrapping of code can make it completely unreadable.

After some experimentation, I ended up including the listings as screen captured images from the Force.com IDE. This guaranteed consistent formatting, and allowed me to use a smaller font. It also allowed use of syntax coloring. There are tradeoffs to this approach – for one thing, the code is not text searchable. Use of color also makes the code a bit harder to read on older ePaper devices (like the original Kindles).

If you have a color Kindle or Nook, or one of the newer high-contrast e-paper readers, it should look very good. For older e-paper devices or smaller devices (like Smartphones), you’ll probably want to download the sample code to refer to as you read the book.

For the moment, the Kindle editions are not yet linked to the entries on the print edition on Amazon (that usually takes a few days).

Here are the direct links:





Readers from India should be able to use the main Amazon.com U.S. link.

Nook readers can use the Barnes & Noble link on the left – the Nook edition is already linked to the print book.


One comment on pricing.

I always wondered why eBooks aren’t much less expensive than printed books. Now I know. Believe it or not, publishers get a much smaller cut of the price on an eBook than a printed book. I did price the eBook at $5 less than the print book (14% discount) because I know people expect the eBook to be cheaper. But in doing so, my share dropped by over 40% on Amazon.com (a bit less on Barnes & Noble). I don’t understand it, but that’s how it is. I’m very happy to be able to make the Kindle and Nook editions available, and priced them both as aggressively as I could.



14 comments to eBook Edition Available

  • Hi Dan – thanks for making this an ebook – my groaning bookshelves have force me to implement a digital only policy for new books!

    I was excited when someone mentioned the book to me – I still have my well-worn copy of your VB Programmer’s Guide to the Win32 API from my VB6 days lo, these many years ago. But it took me a few days to buy the book, because when I searched for it on Amazon, I hit the page (http://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Apex-Programming-Salesforce-com-Force-com/dp/1936754053/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top) for the physical book, and there’s no link to the Kindle edition. What’s more, the page has the “Tell the publisher you’d like to read this book on the Kindle” box that Amazon shows for all books without kindle versions.

    Perhaps the ebook edition just came out today, but Amazon’s page for the paper book still shows no Kindle version, so you may want to let them know. Thanks for the direct link! Just downloaded to my iPad.

  • Sandeep

    I want to download this book from Amazon, but i have not kindle.
    Can i download it in PDF format from there?

    • Dan

      The ebook is available for Amazon Kindle or Nook. Keep in mind, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read a Kindle book – Amazon has free Kindle Ebook software for PC, Mac, Android, IPhone and pretty much every other device.

  • Alan Jackson

    Thanks for writing this book. As a SF developer it has certainly enriched my knowledge and will have positive impacts on future work.
    As the proud owner of the paperback is there a low cost route of an eBook copy for when I’m travelling

  • Jae

    Hello Dan,

    At the Salesforce’s Advanced Testing & Debugging webinar that was just held, it was suggested to take a look at your book for coverage on things such as regression testing and TDD. However, looking at the TOC, I don’t see those topics listed there.

    Can you tell me if these are really covered, and if so, to what extent? The comprehensive coverage of the regression testing strategy would be of great interest to me.

    • Dan

      Chapter 9 covers unit tests and addresses these topics. As to what extend – I don’t know how to answer that – as it’s a very subjective question. After you read it, let me know where you feel more content is needed – I’m always looking for suggestions for future editions.
      I also discuss test driven development in some of the earlier examples in the book where I demonstrate creating the tests to validate functionality before writing the code.

  • sharathchandra

    are you planning to release any future editions which would cover more topics which is more specific to mobile.. I will buy book if it would contain topics on S1 platform?

    • Dan

      Keep in mind that this book is specifically about the Apex language – it isn’t a general book on Salesforce development. The language is the same regardless of whether it’s VisualForce on the desktop or Lightning on S1.

  • Bikram Bhuyan

    Hi Dan,

    I bought the 2nd edition of this book couple of months back. Do you still suggest to buy the 3rd edition book as well? I bought it from Amazon. Let me know your comments on this.


  • Kalyan

    Hello Dan,

    Are you planning to release a New Edition or 3 Edition is good to buy? I am planning to buy
    3, is it a good time?

    • Dan

      There just haven’t been that many changes to the Apex language, so the book is still very current. The only big “change”, and it’s not so much a change as an addition will be Salesforce DX, which will certainly be covered in the next edition. With the forthcoming new Apex compiler, I expect there may be additional changes, but that’s still some time off. So, if you want to learn Apex now, I’d say you’re safe with the current edition. You can see the change list on the web site.

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