New course: Building a Private Enterprise Blockchain on Salesforce

I know what you’re thinking – what? Blockchain on Salesforce? Are you kidding?

I’m not kidding.

This course came about from a simple question: Is there actually a useful scenario for blockchain on the Salesforce platform, and if so, would it be possible to implement in Apex?

It turned out, rather to my surprise, that […]

New Course Teaches JavaScript to Salesforce Developers!

I am so excited to announce my new Pluralsight course “Getting Started with JavaScript in Salesforce ”

Like many developers, I believe the future of Force.com development is Lightning, with Lightning components giving programmers the ability to create rich user experiences in ways that have not been possible before.

But if you’ve looked at the […]

Search The Force.com

This week at the MVP summit I introduced SearchTheForce.com – a new search engine for all things Salesforce.

Like most developers (and I expect Admins and users), I rely heavily on Google to find answers to questions. And by heavily I mean – heavily. The fact that I can easily search for things means I […]

Career Strategies and Opportunities for Salesforce Platform Developers

I can’t believe I forgot to post a blog entry about my latest Pluralsight course “Career Strategies and Opportunities for Salesforce Platform Developers“.

Ok, it was released right before Dreamforce, and the last two months have been considerably crazier than normal. But still…

Anyway, I encourage you to check it out. Those of you just […]

73% of Salesforce developers want to stop being Salesforce developers? Say what?

Stack Overflow just posted their annual developer survey for 2015 – http://stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2015. I was more than a bit surprised that Salesforce development topped the list of most dreaded technologies. Now I’m not questioning their results, but you know what Mark Twain is misquoted as having said – there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, and […]

Trailhead – An Intriguing Way to Learn Force.com

As an author, I have a deep interest in the way people learn technology, especially given the way technology has been impacting education in general. In fact, I created an entire Pluralsight course on the topic: “Learning Technology in the Information Age”, in which I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of content.


Book Review – Force.com Enterprise Architecture

As I headed out from Dreamforce, one of my last stops was the developer library where I saw Andrew Fawcett signing his new book, “Force.com Enterprise Architecture”. It took me a while to get around to reading it, and I thought I’d share a few comments since he was kind enough to give me a […]

New Course Teaches Data Visualization Using the Salesforce Platform

I’m pleased to announce my latest Pluralsight course “Data Visualization for Developers”. This is not a course on Force.com – but in some ways it’s even better. It teaches the principles and practice of data visualization using Force.com as an underlying technology.

The course is published on Pluralsight.com. Free trials are available if you are […]

Goodbye Script Limits, Hello what?

Perhaps the most surprising change for Winter ’14 is the elimination of script limits, to be replaced with a single CPU time limit for each transaction.

This is an extraordinary change, and it’s worth taking a few minutes to explore the consequence, both long term and short term, of this decision. Keep in mind, that […]

Death of a Platform Bug

In my previous post, I walked through the process of discovering, diagnosing and reporting a legitimate platform bug. As I mentioned previously, on any platform as large and complex as Force.com, bugs are inevitable. Every OS has them. Every framework has them.

One of the biggest considerations when evaluating a platform bug is when it […]