Apex Test Tracker Continuous Integration Tool

Welcome to the home page for the Apex Test Tracker Continuous Integration Application.

This application automatically evaluates and runs unit tests on your organization as scheduled, and performs user defined actions (such as Email notifications) when a test fails that was not previously failing. This can be used by org administrators to receive early notification that a metadata change has caused a unit test to start failing. It can also be used by developers as a light weight continuous integration tool.

The Apex Test Tracker application is now available on the AppExchange as a free app!  Download now

Refer to the installation, configuration and operation instructions after installation.

Release notes can be found here.

The application is also available as an open source project under the MIT open source license. You can download the source metadata and contribute to the project at:


Additional information about the application can be found in chapter 12 of the Advanced Apex Programming book.

Contributions and suggestions are welcome.